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Dance Classes • Bath • Wiltshire • Trowbridge

Classes are pre-paid half-termly, typically for 5-8 weeks. An Annual Membership is included in any course, or may be purchased separately for £8ea for other events and private lesson discounts. Please pre-book for all dance classes in advance. We can only accept cash or cheque payments at classes, not cards, although you can pay online. New non-beginner dancers wishing to join for the first time will need to fill in our online form here first. Existing members can pay subscriptions by clicking here.






The Assembly Rooms
Bath BA1 2QH

8-9pm Novice Ballroom & Latin (beyond beginners)
9-10pm Improvers Ballroom & Latin (beyond novice)



Wellsway School (Glastonbury Hall)
Keynsham BS31 1PH


Claverton Community Hall
Bath BA2 6DT
(No classes first Tuesday of month)

8-9pm Novice & Improver Argentine Tango Dance Class (beyond beginners)



Wesley Road Club
Trowbridge BA14 0AX

8-9pm Novice Ballroom & Latin (beyond beginners)
9-10pm Improvers Ballroom & Latin



New Oriel Hall
Bath BA1 6RA



St Marks School
Bath BA1 6ND

8-9pm Novice Ballroom & Latin (beyond beginners)
9-10pm NEW Improvers Ballroom & Latin (beyond Novice)





No class near you listed here? Then just drop us an e-mail with your nearest town and we will look to see if there is sufficient interest in setting up a class for you.